What is the difference between PRESERVES ~ JAMS ~ JELLIES ~ FRUIT BUTTERS?

Preserves are the fruit cut up, cooked and then pressed, to extract something, usually a pit or seed then finishing with the whole fruit left (the pulp of the fruit) left in. Jams are the fruit cut up, cooked and nothing taken out. Jelly is just the juice of the fruit cooked. Fruit Butters are fruit cooked for hours and stirred constantly until cooked down to a thick smooth texture and then spices are added.

Life Inside the Jelly House
I sell my products in gift shops throughout the South Dakota area as well as festivals, arts in the parks and some craft fairs.

We offer the Finest Homemade Products 

There are 50 hills of rhubarb on the Barrie Farm that Charlene and her employees cut, she also gets phone calls from neighbors and friends that let her know that their rhubarb is ready for use as well.

My name is Charlene (Char) Barrie, and I have lived in the Turton, SD area for over 30 years on a farm with my husband Rolland Barrie.  I have enjoyed baking, gardening and canning all my life.

In June of 1995, there was a flea market in town and so I took some baked goods and some of my homemade jelly in to sell.  As I was getting the jars ready that night, my daughter Glenda was complaining of the way they looked so boring.  The jelly was in baby food jars, and I had written on a piece of paper the name of the jelly and then taped it to the jar (at that time, I only had a few flavors).  She was the one who came up with the idea of decorating the tops with material and a bow, and then later making computer labels.

After the flea market was over, I had several calls from people wondering if I could make them more jelly and baked goods.  So I started making more and now I have 16 regular flavors and 5 sugar free flavors of jelly along with 7 flavors of syrup, honey, 5 types of pickles and 2 types of salsa.  Needless to say, I had to get something besides baby food jars!

In June of 1998, just after 3 years, I had to expand into my own 14x28 "jelly house" which is located on our family farm.  It's all temperature controlled, just like my own kitchen but bigger!

Besides the making of the products, there is also material and ribbon that needs to be cut and applied to each jar top and then the labels too.  Jelly is now made year around, rhubarb is frozen and the juice from the summer fruits is canned and saved for the winter batches.  Much time and care go into making these homemade products, and I can't do it myself.  I have my husband who helps a great deal, the rest of my family and then hired employees as well.

In 2009 I became a member of the National Association of Professional Women. In 2010-2011 Stanford made me an Honor Member. Now in 2020-2021 Marquis Who's Who did a Biographical Profile and I have received a Albert Nelson Achievement Award. I am also on the front cover and have a featured article for the Millennium Magazine (8th Edition).

Over 20 Years and Still Going Strong

Here is a quick look at just how busy Char's Kitchen
really is...This is NOT a hobby!
Product Usage Per Year
*  12,000 Jars (3 different sizes)
*  2 Tons Sugar
*  1,000 pounds of Rhubarb
*  1,600 pounds of Chokecherries
*  500 pounds of Plums
*  Countless yards of Material and Ribbon